5 Video Marketing Strategies for 2020

Welcome to the next decade. You are probably not thinking about video but you are thinking about leads, customers and sales. Did you know that 90% of consumers claim that video helped with their buying decision (Social Media Today). And 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing (Hubspot). Here are 5 video strategies you can apply to help you grow your business in 2020.

1. Video blogging

We have all been told to blog but did you know 80% of audiences would rather watch a video than read a blog?.  Not only do people prefer watching a video rather than reading text, they will better connect to you and your message if they actually see you. If you are already creating written blogs, even better. You can adapt your existing blogs to video blogs, “vlogs”.

  1. First start with short 5-15 second videos.
  2. If you struggle to memorize words, use a Teleprompter app.
  3. It’s all about your audience. Don’t sell, just educate and inform.
  4. Always have a call to action at the end (like, share, comment, subscribe).
  5. Choose the social media channel your clients and prospects frequent.
  6. Upload video natively to each social media platform for greatest reach.
  7. When sharing via email or website, use custom video thumbnail.

2. Video messaging

Video Text Message

Want to make a lasting impression with a prospect or client? Send them a personal video message. Grab your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and record a video. According to a Dynmark report, SMS has a 98% open rate! In fact, 90 percent are read within 3 seconds.

  1. The easiest way to create a video message is your smartphone.
  2. To send a video message via text, just click on the camera icon, record a video and save. Add a little text and send.
  3. You can send a video message to new connections on LinkedIn using Messenger. However this only works with the mobile app. Note that once you save the video it get’s sent immediately.
  4. You can also send a video message via Facebook Messenger.
  5. If you want to get fancy, you can create the videos using a DSLR or other video camera, even add graphics or sound effects and then upload the video to your phone. All 3 strategies allow you to access pre-recording video from your camera library.

3. Video testimonials

By the time a lead contacts you, they have already made their decision. People go online, they research, read reviews and go on YouTube. So how can you be the one they decide to buy from? Well, people buy from people they know, like and trust.  And the best way to build trust is with video testimonials.

  1. Don’t leave it to your customers to create their own video testimonials. They won’t look good, sound good or say what you need.
  2. You can use your smartphone to create your own video testimonials but make sure you use an external microphone. You can get a wired lavalier microphone from Amazon for less than $30.
  3. Shoot the video horizontally and make sure you use a tripod.
  4. For the best lighting, make sure your light source is in front.
  5. Don’t forget to edit the video. Keep it as short as possible.
  6. Share the video on your website, through email and social media.
People buy from people they know, like and trust

4. video seo

Video gets ranked on the first page of Google

Most businesses forget about SEO when it comes to uploading a video on YouTube. Remember that YouTube is the number #2 search engine in the world. This means your business can get found online organically on Google and YouTube with your video.

It is possible that your video could appear on the first page of Google or at the top of a YouTube search so take the time to optimize your videos.

Here are some steps you can take.

5. Video Advertising

Are you looking for more leads in 2020? By combining video and paid distribution, you can have a predictable, measurable and scalable way to get new leads, customers and sales each and every month.

Commercial campaigns use powerful messaging, visual storytelling and pay-per-click advertising, (Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) to target your indeal customer and generate new opportunites.

One of the best kept secrets is YouTube advertising. Most businesses aren’t using YouTube to advertise because they don’t know they can or don’t know how. Why advertise your business in the same places your competition are advertising?

Were you aware that the first 30 seconds of a YouTube ad is FREE. That means if anyone skips your ad in the first 30 seconds, you pay NOTHING. That’s FREE branding! As a form of comparison, on Facebook you get charged if someone sees just 3 seconds of your video.

Video Advertising
  1. Clearly define  your objective. For example, download our lead magnet, schedule a free call, buy our product, etc.
  2. Depending on your business, service and price point, you might not be able to go right for the sale. You will have to nurture the lead. A lead magnet works best here.
  3. Have a way to capture the lead’s name, email address and phone number so you nurture the lead.
  4. Be very clear in who your audience is. Don’t try and make a video ad that resonates with everyone. It won’t work.
  5. If you have multiple audiences, you will need multiple videos.
  6. Don’t send leads to your website home page. They won’t know what to do. Use a landing page instead.
  7. The first 5 seconds are the most important. Be sure to capture the viewers attention.
  8. The video is not about you, they don’t care. It is about the viewer and how you can help solve their problem.
  9. Choose the distribution platform that your ideal customers use and offers the best audience targeting.
  10. Use the video on your landing page with one call to action.
We hope you found this information helpful. We wish you much success in 2020! If you have questions or would like some help implementing any of these strategies, click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute strategy call or you can call David Vogel a (914) 920-2391.
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