Case Study: Weill Cornell Medical College Lymphoma Program



Dr. John Leonard, Chief of the Lymphoma Program at Weill Cornell Medical College had a problem. In spite of a great team of doctors, exceptional patient care and an impeccable reputation, his program had no online presence. Potential patients who were looking online for treatment had a difficult time discovering his program. When you searched online all you found was Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on the 1st page of Google. With 91% of Internet users never going past the 1st page of Google results, it was as if the Lymphoma Program didn’t exist at all.

In August 2014, he contacted Video SEO Pro to see if we could affordably and effectively increase their online presence by getting them found on the 1st page of Google and at the same time clearly communicate the benefits of the clinical trials available to patients in the Lymphoma Program.


Video SEO Pro developed a video marketing strategy that combined video creation and video search engine optimization. Understanding the power of patient testimonials, we recommended not only to create a branding video to explain the features and benefits of the Lymphoma Program but patient testimonials as well, so potential patients could hear first hand the impact the doctors and treatment had in their lives. Our proprietary video search engine optimization process was used to not only get the Lymphoma Program found online but to get it above of the Sloan Kettering links on 1st page of Google.

After a thorough keyword and competitive website analysis, we found that the best keywords to target for the branding video were:

  1. Lymphoma Cancer Center NY
  2. Lymphoma Cancer Treatment NY
  3. Lymphoma Clinical Trials NY

In August 2014, the Lymphoma Program website was not showing up on the 1st page of Google in searches for any of the above keywords. We met with the entire team of doctors to better understand their program and the various types of lymphoma they treated. Video SEO Pro produced 4 videos: A 3-minute branding video about the program, including interviews with the doctors and 3 patient testimonial videos, each focusing on a different kind of lymphoma.

For the testimonial videos we targeted the 3 primary types of lymphoma treated at Weill Cornell:

  1. CLL Treatment NY
  2. Burkitt’s Lymphoma Treatment NY
  3. B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer Treatment NY



On October 14th, we spent 7 hours filming interviews with doctors and patients as well as footage of the doctors treating and meeting with patients at various locations within Weill Cornell. On November 19th all 4 videos were approved and uploaded to the new branded and optimized Lymphoma Program YouTube Channel.

Lymphoma YT Channel

As of March 5th, 2015, the branding video had over 1, 000 views. In other words, the video is being watched over 300 times each and every month.

Lymphoma YT screen grab001

The main results go far beyond the mere number of views, though. Three months later all 4 videos are all showing up on the 1st page of Google.

Google’s 1st Page Snapshot “Lymphoma Clinical Trials NY” (3/5/15)            

Lymphoma Clinical Trials

Google’s 1st Page Snapshot “Lymphoma Cancer Treatment NY” (3/5/15) 


Google’s 1st Page Snapshot “Lymphoma Cancer Center NY” (3/5/15)         


The graph below shows the ranking progression of this video for one of the targeted keywords between November 20th 2014 and February 28th 2015. Beside slight normal variations, the video has continually ranked on the top of the 1st page for the last two months.

Lymphoma Cancer Center Graph

In addition, the video has been embedded on the homepage of the Lymphoma Program website. The presence of the video on the homepage not only helps to better engage website visitors, it also helps improve the ranking of the website itself, since Google gives preference to websites featuring videos.

Lymphoma Website

Video marketing is different from TV advertising in that it puts the right content in front of the right audience at the right time. The most significant result to date is that the Lymphoma Program is receiving phone calls as a direct result of potential patients finding the videos while searching for information online.

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