“How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business”

David Vogel from Video SEO Pro

Using the power of Online Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Last Tuesday, October 22nd, my partner David Vogel spoke to an audience, composed of 50 business owners and business professionals at the Mahopac Public Library in Mahopac, Westchester County NY for our first ever workshop on How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business. And boy, what a blast that was! After grabbing a tasty and healthy lunch, the audience embarked on a special learning experience. David provided lots of valuable information and helpful tips on video marketing, video SEO and online video production.

The first part of the workshop focused on the importance online video  marketing has in their overall marketing strategy. Many people don’t know that the second search engine in the world is YouTube, so there’s no overstating its importance. There is really no downside in using video as a marketing tool, only advantages. David went on to explain the effects video can have on your website and gave some impressive statistics to show how web traffic can be improved dramatically when adding video.

The audience learned about SEO and video SEO, and David gave a good taste of our secret sauce: our optimizing process, the very way we get our client’s videos ranked on the first page of Google.

video_seo-video_marketing-workshop-David_Vogel-Video_SEO_Pro_004The audience learned how to improve their web ranking by branding their YouTube channels, how to optimize it and how to optimize the videos they upload to it. To prove its effectiveness, David cited real results from our clients that got ranked not only on the first page, but on the 1st place of the first page!  One of our clients, Charlie Melchner from Mahopac Marine was in attendance and even shared how just in the last few weeks someone found the video online, called Charlie and purchased a boat.

If you would like to see all the information, David shared; just fill out the form on the right and you will be able to download a copy of the workshop PDF.

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