How To Use ZOOM Meeting
Video SEO Pro Free Video Series

Video SEO Pro’s FREE Video Series is a platform we created to share our knowledge about various video technologies with businesses to help them be more successful in what they do.

Because of the pandemic, it no longer possible to go to work, have a staff meeting, meet with clients or go on sales calls, but there is work to be done and new business to generate. Video SEO Pro decided to take advantage of this forced downtime to help teach businesses how to leverage video conferencing technology as a way to continue operations.

These FREE video tutorials were created to explain the fundamentals of video conferencing as well as to teach you the basics of using ZOOM Meeting and how you can integrate video conferencing into your business.

Why use zoom Meeting?

There are many video conferencing platforms available to businesses today. In this video, we explain the different choices, compare them and give you some very good reasons  why we believe ZOOM Meeting is the best choice for your business.

how to create a zoom account?

In this video, we teach you, step-by-step, how to take to create a FREE Zoom Meeting account. It is much easier than in any other video conferencing platform. The steps are slightly different if you are on a  MAC or PC so follow the instructions that pertain to you.

creating a zoom meeting

Creating a Zoom meeting is easier than you think. Learn how to create your first Zoom Meeting, how to invite up to 100 participants, how to schedule future meetings and create separate group meetings.

managing your zoom meeting

This video will teach you how to manage all the controls in a zoom meeting, including audio settings, camera settings, screen sharing, managing chatbox, recording calls and more. Learn how much you can do (a lot!) with a free Zoom account.


Free Zoom accounts have a 40-minute time limit for group calls (3 people or more). In this video, we will teach you a very easy workaround if you want to have longer group calls and aren’t yet ready to purchase a Pro account.


Zoombombing is a type of cyberattack where trolls or hackers break into Zoom Meetings, disrupting it and basically hijacking it. It has been happening very frequently now that so many people are regularly using ZOOM for work, family, friends and even religious worship. It is serious but it can be avoided by modifying some privacy settings on ZOOM. In this video we go over all the best practices to make your Zoom Calls safer.

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