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The Results Speak For Themselves : Online Video Marketing Works!

In business, statistics and marketing trends are important, but nothing counts as much as results. As they say; you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

In online video marketing, the first sign that your campaign is yielding results will be the improvement on your online visibility. On that matter we at Video SEO Pro have had some amazing success stories that we would like to share with you today.


One of our first clients was  a marina in Mahopac NY, the Mahopac Marine. This was an original video created by us, a fact that greatly improves the optimization process; our process is always based upon an extensive keyword research to identify the main search terms being used by potential clients when looking for products or services being offered by companies similar to our client’s.

By creating the company video with these keywords in mind we automatically increase the chances of it ranking higher on the web. Based on our research we picked the keywords “boats for sale and repair in NY”. Back in October 2013, if you typed these keywords, Mahopac Marine wasn’t even close to the first page. Less than 3 weeks after we created the video and started our video SEO process, these were the results: First place on the first page for that same search, among 35 Million results!! (Click Here to see that search)Mahopac Marine got to the first page og Google with Video SEO Pro


Teleparts, a company in New Jersey that sells heavy duty truck parts to clients all over the world hired us to improve their almost inexistent Internet presence. The main keywords that came up on our keyword research were “original US heavy duty truck parts”, since they only sell American manufacturers original parts.

The results were… heavy, to say the least! After 2 weeks of video SEO, if you searched for “Original US Truck Parts” (even without the “heavy duty”), the results were amazing: First place on the first page among 155 million results! (Click Here to see that search)Teleparts Inc got to the first page og Google with Video SEO Pro


Many of our clients are small and medium businesses trying to succeed on a local level, and many times they are competing with companies that are much bigger and with comfortable marketing budgets that allow them to be very visible on the Internet. B2B Cleaning Services from Yonkers NY is a small and very effective office cleaning company competing with several giants in their region, and they hired us to increase their visibility online so they can attract more potential clients.

The task wasn’t easy due to their competition, but after less than two months we got them there:first place on the first page of Google among 454 Thousand Results for the keywords “Office Cleaning Service Yonkers NY”, surpassing all their much larger competitors.  (Click Here to see the search)


As you can see,  the results indeed speak for themselves.



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