Remote Video for Healthcare Practices
In the Zocdoc era, potential patients will ALWAYS check a medical practice's website when looking for a doctor, even after being referred to a specific doctor. Video content increases your chances of getting a new patient by 80 %. With Remote Video, you can have professional video content created in an easy, fast and affordable way. Check it out now.

What is remote video?

Remote Video allows high-quality video to be created anywhere, with the remote assistance of our experienced video professionals, without the need to hire an expensive full video crew. Remote Video is done using a FREE mobile app installed on a smartphone and allows us to control all video settings of the smartphone’s camera.

how does it work?

The person using the phone interacts through the remote video app with a director, so there’s always a video professional guiding the shoot. The director makes sure not only that the image and audio are the best possible, but also that the content obtained is useful to the client. The mobile app is easy to use, so any person that is minimally technically savvy can use it.


Picture the scenario: a person is looking for a doctor. What will they do? They’ll search online for doctors in their area. Even if they were referred to a specific doctor, they WILL CHECK that doctor’s profile online before booking an appointment. They go to a practice’s website and all they find there are doctors’ pictures and some text. They go to another practice’s website and find doctor video profiles instead.

What are the chances they will choose the doctor with the video? Over 60% chance. Why? Because people make decisions based on emotions rather than logic. They want a doctor that not only has the medical qualifications to help them but will listen to them and establish a relationship of TRUST. A doctor that will CONNECT with them. A video profile gives a glimpse of the doctor’s personality. It engages the viewer in a personal way – and in the end, a doctor-patient relationship is personal. 

The PROBLEM with doctor video profiles is that you need one for each doctor. Doing it the traditional way, with a professional crew, may present a logistical nightmare (getting all the doctors in the same day), not to speak of the expense. It may be cost-prohibitive. The SOLUTION is Remote Video, where every doctor can schedule it for a day and a time that fits their busy schedule, do it in 15 minutes and call it a day. And above all, it costs only a fraction of what doing it with a crew would cost. No brainer? You bet.

  • Takes less than 15 minutes
  • Can be done anywhere in the USA
  • The doctor only needs a smartphone
  • We supply equipment as a gift
  • Professionally interviewed
  • Professionally edited
  • Includes titles and your branding

Remote PATIENT video testimonials

Every potential patient will check patient reviews when looking for a doctor. Written reviews are good, but many people don’t trust them – they can easily be faked. A video testimonial of a patient that has the same condition as you have, telling how marvelous was the doctor, will be much more effective in driving that potential patient to book an appointment. Adding that kind of testimonial to a doctor’s page will double its efficiency.

The PROBLEMS with doing patient testimonials the traditional way are the inconvenience and the large time commitment from the patient’s side and the cost from the practice’s side. Having patients do it themselves may result in poor quality an unusable content.

The SOLUTION is Remote Video Patient Testimonials. The patient can do it from their home, office or wherever they choose, at the time that is comfortable for them. 

  • Takes less than 15 minutes
  • Can be done anywhere in the USA
  • The patient only needs a smartphone
  • We supply equipment as a gift
  • Professionally interviewed
  • Professionally edited
  • Includes titles and your branding

Remote video production

Most Healthcare organizations do their best to educate their patients about illnesses, treatments and best practices. They usually do that with written content on their websites. While that is commendable, it is not very effective. As we know, these days people give preference to video content, and this applies also for medical information.  Remote Video opens the door for video content to be created for purposes where in the past it would be logistically impossible and cost-prohibitive. Due to its significantly lower price point, Remote Video allows Healthcare Practices to create a large number of videos without it being cost-prohibitive. And all this with the assistance of highly skilled professionals, that will make sure the quality of your videos is top-notch.

Remote Videos can be used for: 

  • Patient Education
  • FAQ Videos
  • Doctor Video Blogging
  • “How-To” Videos
  • And anything else you can imagine…

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