Remote Video
You know that video could help you with a specific challenge your company has, but you're not doing it because of budget? Well, professional quality video doesn’t have to be expensive. With our Remote Video solution, you can create great video content without hiring a professional video crew. Check it out!

What is remote video?

Remote Video allows high-quality video to be created anywhere, with the remote assistance of our experienced video professionals, without the need to hire an expensive full video crew. Remote Video is done using a FREE mobile app installed on a smartphone and allows us to control all video settings of the smartphone’s camera.

how does it work?

The person using the phone interacts through the remote video app with a director, so there’s always a video professional guiding the shoot. The director makes sure not only that the image and audio are the best possible, but also that the content obtained is useful to the client. The mobile app is easy to use, so any person that is minimally technically savvy can use it.

Remote video testimonials

The world is changing. Thanks to the internet, smartphones and social media, your potential clients can find out more about you than ever before. And what are they checking before they decide to call you? Your website and online reviews. Now, don’t get me wrong, written reviews are good, but a video testimonial is 100X better!

Our clients are closing more business and doing it faster thanks to Remote Video Testimonials. And the best part is this technology can be used to create all kinds of video content without the need for a video crew.

Video testimonials are difficult to fake, but more importantly, they are more engaging and build trust instantly. But leaving it to your clients to create their own video testimonials can be problematic. They might agree to do it but seem to never get around to it. When they do, it is shot the wrong way, the camera is moving all over the place, the sound is horrible and what they say doesn’t really tell why people should hire you. And if you decide to hire a video production company, that is expensive and a logistical nightmare for your client.

  • Takes less than 15 minutes
  • Can be done anywhere in the USA
  • The client only needs a smartphone
  • We supply equipment as a gift
  • Professionally interviewed
  • Professionally edited
  • Includes titles and your company logo

Remote video production

Remote Video Production opens the door for video content to be created for purposes where in the past it would be logistically impossible and cost-prohibitive. Affordability and ease of use make it an attractive option for client testimonials, marketing videos, market research videos, educational videos, sales videos, video blogging, “how-to” videos and more.

10 Ways to use Video Testimonials

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