Remote Video Testimonials

Do your clients love you? Then let them sell for you!

Has a bad review ever prevented you from buying something? Probably yes. Most people check reviews before buying a product or a service. So, client reviews are a great sales tool, but written reviews are seen as less reliable because they can easily be faked.

That is why client video testimonials, are so important these days. Video works so much better in generating trust and motivating a prospect to take action. Up till now, businesses could get client video testimonials by using two options: one free and one expensive.

The free option to get a client video testimonial is to ask your client to grab their phone and do it themselves. It will not cost you anything, but in most cases, it will look bad, sound worse and, most importantly, will not deliver the message you desire.

The other option is to hire a video crew and have them go to your client and shoot an interview. The resulting testimonial will look and sound awesome, and the content will be professionally edited to serve you best. But this is expensive. And considering that you will want to have more than just one client video testimonial… your expense will increase substantially.

So we came up with an original solution that is professional, easy and affordable:


A Remote Video Testimonial is based on a video interview we do with your client, remotely. You decide what questions we are going to ask your client, so the content created fits your client’s experience with you, and most importantly, delivers a powerful message about your company. The interview takes around 15 minutes and can be done from your client’s home or office.

Here is how it works:

  1. Pick clients that love you
  2. Client schedules their interview online
  3. We send them a gift which contains a tripod and microphone
  4. You choose the questions we will ask
  5. The client is interviewed using their smartphone and our FREE mobile app
  6. We coach your client to ensure the best picture and audio
  7. Our professional editors craft a short video based on the best parts of the interview
  8. We enhance the video, add branding and include your contact information

Sounds easy? That’s the idea. Remote Video Testimonials are designed to get maximum quality and the best content in a way that is easy and doesn’t bother your clients. After all, they may love you, but they are still doing you a favor, so you really want to make it as easy as possible for them.

Doing this remotely makes it easier and more affordable for you. And since you have a wide variety of clients, you can now do more than just one client video testimonial. Specific testimonials can be used to help turn a prospect into a client. To learn even more visit our Remote Video Testimonials website.

Here are some client video testimonials from our clients telling about their experience with Remote Video Testimonials. (And before you ask, the answer is YES, they were all done remotely.)

“i got results immediately!”

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Denise DePaola

CEO, Mainstream Fund Services

I closed three deals in one week worth over $200,000. Remote Video Testimonial was one of the best investments I ever made!

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