Remote Video Production

Being there without being there. With Remote Video, you can create video content for purposes that before you wouldn’t consider doing a video for. Due to its significantly lower price point, Remote Video allows companies to create a large number of videos without it being cost prohibitive. And all this with the assistance of highly skilled professionals, that will make sure the quality of your videos is top-notch.

Remote Videos can be used for: 

  • Market Research
  • Client Education
  • Client Testimonials
  • Industry Video Content
  • Sales Video Content
  • Personal Profile Videos
  • Video Blogging
  • Marketing Videos
  • “How-To” Videos
  • And anything else you can imagine…

Remote Video is done using a unique mobile app. On the other side of the app, you always have a professional video director to guide whoever is filming. To eliminate compression artifacts and fluctuations caused by poor internet bandwidth, Video SEO Pro captures the video and audio on the smartphone and then transfers the content afterward. We also provide additional equipment to ensure clean and professional image and audio. Once recorded, the footage is uploaded to our servers and downloaded to our studios, where it can be edited professionally and enhanced with graphics, music, voice over and more.

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