Video Consulting

Many businesses are just jumping in and creating their own videos. That is not a bad thing. But the problem is, many of them aren’t happy with how the videos are coming out or that no one is watching them. There are other businesses that want to start using video but don’t know where to start.

Regardless of where you are, as video consultants, we can help you come up with a plan that is right for you and that fits your wallet, your staffing, and your goals.

Video Coaching and Training

Many businesses are investing in cameras, lights and audio equipment but they don’t know how to properly use them. We not only teach our clients how to use the equipment. We discuss framing, composition, camera support, lighting, audio, background, and makeup. In some instances, we have gone to the person’s home and helped them set up everything. Now with our remote video technology that is no longer necessary.

Video Assessments

If you can measure it, you can’t manage it. It is critical that you assess how your videos and strategies are performing. That is why we offer our clients, as part of our video consulting services,  a video assessment so they can know what is working and what isn’t. This way you can recalibrate and optimize what you are doing to maximize the outcome.

Like a website audit, a video assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your video content and your video distribution plan to determine its effectiveness. We review the YouTube analytics, Google analytics, and social media analytics to create an accurate picture of what is working and what is not. The goal of your video assessment is to give valuable insights into how well your video content is working for you.

The number of views is just one metric, and even not the most important one. We look at things like audience retention, demographics, traffic sources and more. At the end, you get a detailed report with recommendations on what to do with your existing video content. We also offer solutions to increase engagement, awareness, and results you are achieving from your videos.

Here are some of the evaluations that are included:

  • Setup and optimization of your YouTube Channel
  • Email marketing for video content
  • YouTube videos for quality of video and content
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Video search engine optimization
  • Facebook Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Website for video content

10X Your Business Using Video

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