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So you know you want to create video for your business and you're looking for the right video production company. That is great. Video can help in many ways, from lead generation to closing sales, explaining your services, educating clients and everything in between. Here are some important things to consider before you move forward.

Who should I hire?

How do you know which video production company is going to be right for you? With the increased popularity of video, now many digital marketing agencies are offering video production services. But how many of these agencies REALLY understand video marketing? As much as many people see video as a commodity, not all videos are equal. An effective and thought-provoking video can only be the result of a creative process. So who you choose is very important. If you have never invested in video before, here are a few things that you want to keep in mind when selecting a video production company.

When you are thinking of hiring a video production company, you want to make sure they have the technical and creative skills to produce professional quality video. So, here’s what you want to check:

  • Do they have professional broadcast or film experience?
  • Do they use their own staff or do they outsource their video production?
  • Do they have a portfolio of past work?
  • Do they have video testimonials from past clients?
  • Do they specialize in video content creation for small and medium businesses?

What’s more important than quality?

A video may look and sound perfect, but if it lacks an engaging story, people will not watch it. Have you ever gone to the theater and the movie was horrible? It wasn’t because of how it was filmed or any other technical aspect. It is always because the story didn’t speak to you. We make decisions emotionally and justify them with logic. Only compelling stories will trigger a viewer’s emotions.

Not to brag, but at VSP we are great visual storytellers. Even the most technical business has a human story to tell, and that’s what will trigger potential clients’ interest. WHAT you do is something they can learn from your list of services, but that will not get them to hire you. Learning WHY you do what you do, what is the passion behind your business – that will resonate with them and build trust. With our process, we have the ability to uncover the WHY in such a way that it creates an irresistible story.

What’s your strategy?

What are you hoping to do with your video content? Unfortunately, there are many videos being created today without any thought being given to strategy. It is critical that you know why you are creating a video. So, before you begin, ask yourself what are your goals?

  • Convert more visitors to your website into customers?
  • Generate more traffic to your website?
  • Get subscribers to your YouTube channel?
  • Sell a product or a service?

You get the point. Without a clearly defined objective, how can you ever know what type of video you need, how to distribute it and finally how to measure if it achieved your goal?


Video SEO Pro is both a full-service video production company and a video marketing agency located in Westchester NY with over 50 years of combined professional broadcast, tv commercial, documentary and feature film experience. What that means to our clients is that we are knowledgeable on all of the various ways video can be used and the different types of videos needed to achieve specific goals. We take a strategic approach to video that maximizes the results it achieves and minimizes the amount of money you must invest. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Live Action Videos

People buy from people they know, like and trust, and live action videos are especially good at establishing trust. By doing research, understanding your business, knowing what questions to ask, we are able to develop a creative approach that will best tell your story and address your business goals. Here are some different kinds of live action videos we create:


Videos Many companies have a problem explaining what they do in a clear and succinct way. When you need to communicate a more abstract idea, something technical or difficult to explain, an animated explainer video is ideal. Something that would have been cost-prohibitive with live action like filming in an exotic location, having dozens of actors or complicated sets has no effect on cost. Besides making the impossible possible, animated explainer videos allow you to take something most would consider boring and make it exciting and even fun. With this kind of video, you are only limited by imagination. Here are some different kinds of animated videos we create:

10X Your Business Using Video

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