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An effective video is not a commodity. It is the result of a well-thought creative process. When you come to us looking to create a live action video, the first question we ask is, “why do you need a video? What do you want to achieve with this video?”

For us to create a video that serves you best, we need to understand your business and goals. We take a documentary approach, which means that we interview relevant people and let them tell the story with their own words. The questions we ask are crafted according to the research we do of your company, and their goal is to generate responses that will best tell your story and, most importantly, resonate with your audience.

The most important factor is that it is an interactive process. Our clients have the opportunity to be involved in every step, providing us feedback so we can create content that will best serve their needs. It is a dialog, and these are its steps: 

  • Discovery Session
  • Special Effects
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Music Selection
  • Professional Shooting
  • Voiceover Selection (if needed)
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Audio Mix
  • Rough Cut Approval
  • Final Video Approval

Our process guarantees great results. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about that:

Anna Aprea DiGilio

It was an absolute pleasure working with David and Neco at Video SEO Pro! They were extremely attentive to my requests and vision and went above and beyond to learn about me, my company, and my niche before even hiring them to produce my marketing videos. They had a clear direction for my videos that they produced which matched my brand and personality perfectly. It was a great experience working with them and I am looking forward to using Video SEO Pro for my next project.

Joe Vega

Working with Video SEO Pro was a pleasant experience. I can’t stress enough how professional they are. Neco put a lot of effort into understanding our product from the beginning and his dedication and patience streamline the video creation process for us. Working with Neco was collaborative and easy. The finished product was exactly what we needed to showcase our product and services. I highly recommend Video SEO Pro to anyone that is considering making a marketing video.

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