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These ladies did too…and now they’re cookin’!

I mean literally cooking!  A cooking video? Yes indeed.

Chef Melissa Dimaio and jeannie Calderon

Chef Melissa Dimaio and Jeannie Calderon

I personally love to cook, so when Jeannie Calderon from reached out to us with the idea of producing an online cooking video with Chef Melissa DiMaio, I was thrilled by the opportunity to use video marketing and video SEO for a food business. is a website that works as source for local restaurant reviews in Westchester County NY and discounts on local goods and services. They decided to promote their in-home cooking classes by spreading some cooking knowledge to their followers, so that people will not only learn of good places to eat, but how to prepare the food that they like to eat…

We spent a few hours learning how to prepare Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Crumb Pie, shooting with 3 coordinated cameras. Our GoPro camera worked extra hours getting incredible overhead shots of the cooking happening on the stovetop.


David Vogel holding his appetite as he shoots

The experience was… full-“filling”, to say the least. When we were done, we got to eat the delicious pies Melissa prepared, and I highly recommend the recipes. You can download the recipes on their website at .


Take a look at the video and learn how to make these savory and sweet pies. If you like to cook, it’s quite simple to prepare, and even if you don’t cook it’s mouth watering to watch.

Click Here to download the recipes

Bon appetite!

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