Born To Clean

We tend to think about certain professions as more “glamorous” or “fun” than others. Having worked on television and documentaries for most of my life, people would many times say “wow, that’s a fun job” when they heard what I did for a living. I would usually shrug and say “well, it’s a job, you know. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not…” but people didn’t really believe me.

On the other hand, a job like cleaning offices would be classified by most people as “not fun”. I thought so too, until I met Annie Berrios.

Annie and her husband Jimmy own a small office cleaning company in Yonkers NY called B2B Cleaning Services. They hired us to do a video about their company and from the very beginning I was worried about the ways we could make them stand out. What can they offer that would compete with these giant cleaning companies that dominate their region? What makes them special?

I have to admit that I was biased regarding cleaning companies as well. It seemed to me that it would be difficult to make an interesting video about that subject. I was afraid it would be boring.

As part of our video marketing campaigns we always interview the business owners. Jimmy told me that he would do most of the talking because he was more comfortable in front of the camera, because Annie was a bit nervous about that. Jimmy did a good job in his interview, and when we got to Annie’s interview my main goal was to make her comfortable and see what happen, but I didn’t have a lot of expectations. Boy, was I wrong!

I really love hearing other people’s stories. What excites me the most is the reason people choose to do what they do.  Annie was pretty nervous in the beginning, but when I asked her why she does what she does she suddenly said “well, I would go to people’s houses and start cleaning without them asking. Its’ a passion. I think I was born cleaning!”

At that moment I knew that their video would be great and that it would make a difference. It was clear to me that if a business owner looking for a cleaning company for his office would see this video, he would say “if she loves cleaning so much, she’ll do a great job for me!”

There are no dull jobs. They are only dull if you make them so, if you don’t have passion for what you do. It doesn’t have to be glamorous; it just has to be TRUE.

Thank you Annie for being such an inspiration!

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