Video Tip Of The Month: Use a Tripod

Video Tip Of The Month: Use a Tripod

Nothing makes your video look more amateurish than a handheld camera, unless you are a professional doing that intentionally for style purposes. You may have a great idea, a great subject to shoot, but if your camera is shaky it will look like a home video, and that’s the last thing you want if you are creating a video for your business. Whenever possible use a tripod to keep your shots steady. You can find an inexpensive tripod for less than $30.

If you are shooting with your phone or iPad, you should use a mount to adapt it to your tripod. There are great affordable mounts out there that are sturdy enough on the one hand and that won’t break your budget on the other.

Here are our recommendation for an affordable tripod, iPhone and iPad mounts. Good shooting!

Affordable Tripod Recommendation

iPad Mount Recommendation

iPhone Mount Recommendation

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